About Us

Savoo is an international group of money-saving voucher code and deal finder sites now present in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia & Canada. Savoo prides itself on being the only international series of sites which never knowingly lists expired vouchers or offer codes. Also, the best deal of each of their consumer categories is presented prominently using its unique algorithm which ensures that the best deals always rise to the top of the page. Savoo has a dedicated team of researchers whose sole responsibility it is to find the best deals available 24 hours a day, and provide rigorous quality control.

In the UK only Savoo acts as an online fundraising platform donating up to 50% of its affiliate commissions to UK charities chosen by the user. As well as offering the best voucher codes and deals, Savoo has a search function through a partnership with Bing that donates 0.01p to UK charities for every legitimate search that is completed.

Savoo’s goal is to offer its customers the easiest and most powerful way to find, prioritise and distribute the best deals and information to help its users make intelligent decisions with their money. Savoo extensively leverages technology, automation, community and elegant design to provide the most useful experience and – in the UK – provide much needed donations to charitable foundations.

Savoo is the sister site of the highly successful US coupon and deal giant Savings.com.