Working at Savoo


Much of Savoo’s culture comes from our roots in southern California. We want to work smarter and not necessarily harder; which means we want people to enjoy their work, be successful in their work and not stay in the office until 9/10pm every evening.
Like our US cousins, we have a pretty relaxed attitude to the dress code, but if the need arises then we will always look a million dollars!

We understand things happen outside of work. People need to get boilers fixed, go to the doctor, and get new broadband installed for example – so we have agreed that all staff can work from home (once your probation is passed) twice a month to accommodate the things you might need to sort outside of your work life.

As an international business we have opportunities for international travel. We regularly make trips to our head office in Los Angeles as well as having allowing staff to visit our office in Berlin and work from there regularly.

We have an endless supply of fruit and soft drinks in the kitchen and even have a BBQ for the summer months on our terrace.

But outside of the peripheral and material aspects of the Savoo culture, we work as a team for one common goal; namely, that we become the most successful individuals and business we can possibly become. We have a very flat operating system which means there’s no real hierarchy and everyone from the GM or head of department to the newest member of the team sits together, eats together and is willing to do the same jobs if needs be.

Put it this way, since we started four years ago we have only had two people leave the company which is a record we are really proud of.


Performance Marketing is going from strength to strength and Savoo is diversifying our product offering all the time. That means that we offer a wide range of opportunities and training in a number of different aspects Performance Marketing:

• Sales
• Operations (UK and International)
• PR
• Marketing
• Analytics

Training is both internal and external and we are always willing to send a member of staff on any course should we feel it can really add value to their skill set.


It’s always fun at Savoo! The Performance Marketing industry is packed with events and parties that you can attend if you like. In fact, within a few months of starting, most people decide they want to have a bit of a break from the more social side of the business!
Summer and Christmas parties are always highlights of the year – as are the Performance Marketing Awards and Performance Insights London and European Expo which we attend (en masse) annually.
Team and staff lunches and dinners are commonplace, but the most important thing to say is that the work we do is fun. Building an international affiliate business isn’t without its headaches, but it’s a lot of fun.


Since 2013 we have taken all Savoo staff members on a company ‘retreat’. Last year it was Riga for two days which was (and this is often an overused word) epic.